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Web design, Digital Advertising, Video Production, Seo, Google Business Profile, Social Media Management, YouTube Video Creation and, a deep fried Blog.
A Symphony Of Full-Service, Unity, Purpose, Innovation, And Imagination In Marketing Excellence.

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Effective Marketing For Your Brand

As your best choice in advertising agency, GeauxTo Group can enhance your brand through Advertising, such as Google and Social Media Ads, is part of a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Google Ads are used for prominent placement in search results, while social media platforms serve as channels for visually engaging and targeted ad campaigns. Integrating these advertising channels allows businesses to create a well-rounded online marketing approach, reaching diverse audiences effectively.

Enhance your online visibility.

Maximizing Online Impact

Effective Promotion integrates with website design and development, emphasizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and graphic design to create an optimized online presence. This synergy ensures a visually appealing and technically sound website that ranks well on search engines, maximizing its reach and impact. 

Onsite video filming

Publicity and Videography

The Role of a Creative Agency! Publicity and Videography are intricately connected as videos are powerful tools for showcasing a company’s authentic voice and unique qualities. Through well-crafted videos, publicity efforts can effectively convey a compelling narrative, providing the public with a visual and engaging representation of the company’s identity and values.

Connect with the Public Through Compelling Content

Public Relationships and Engaging Content

Public Relationships are closely tied to Relevant and Engaging Content, as the latter serves as a bridge to connect with the audience personally and meaningfully. By consistently delivering content that resonates with the interests and needs of the public, businesses can nurture positive relationships, fostering trust and loyalty over time.

Boost Your Sales

Elevate your Sales through our Strategic Marketing.

Geauxto Group excels at driving Sales through a comprehensive marketing approach, including advertising, promotion, publicity, and public relations on various relevant platforms. By strategically crafting compelling messages, showcasing authentic company voices, and building positive relationships, our marketing strategies create a robust online presence, capturing and converting leads into successful sales for our clients. That’s Marketing!

Some of our recent projects

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Fun Fact: What is marketing explain?

  • If a magician is coming to town and puts up a sign for the show, that’s advertising.
  • If the magician puts the sign on the back of an elephant and walks him through town, that’s promotion
  • If that elephant walks through the flowerbed of the mayor’s house and the newspaper writes a story about it, that’s publicity.
  • And if you get the mayor to laugh about it, that’s public relations.
  • And if the magician tells them about his background, the show, the fun they’ll have, and ticket prices, that’s sales.
  • And when you plan for the entire thing, that’s marketing.

Tried and trusted by companies

Wade Perrin
Wade Perrin
If you want to grow your business, Geauxto Group is your portal to results! Billy and his team provide top notch marketing expertise with local hands-on personal attention and direction. They are the best at what they do. They deserve 6 Stars! Wade Perrin Perrin Insurance & Benefits
Shawn Vamvoras
Shawn Vamvoras
Geauxto Group and their professional team have been instrumental in the growth of Armadillo Automotive and Powder Coating. Their strategic marketing expertise seamlessly aligns with our business goals, resulting in increased visibility and a broader client base. Transparent communication and genuine dedication make Geauxto Group the go-to choice for business growth. Highly recommended Billy and his amazing team!
Nicole Triche
Nicole Triche
This marketing company is top in industry. They have transcended my business. One of the fundamental appreciations i have for this company is their family-like investment and constant vision for betterment. Thank you for your service. Lifelong client.
Tabatha Riles
Tabatha Riles
I'm working with Billy right now for my side hustle that's going to turn into my main hustle once Billy gets done with me. I am forever thankful for his insight, thoughts and talent. He is incredibly gifted and has a true passion for what he does and it shows in his work. I would recommend him to anyone that's looking to make their company reach their target audience.
Joel Duran
Joel Duran
Billy is an awesome person who does great work.
Joseph Margavio
Joseph Margavio
True professionals at what they do. They created a fantastic website for me and the search engine optimization has been game changing. Strongly recommend!
Antione Harris
Antione Harris
If you want to be ordinary the Geauxto Group is not for you! To be propelled by the cutting edge of interactive website marketing with Extraordinary results then look no further!! The Geauxto group will definitely deliver quality results driving your business gaining higher visibility to work towards your profit goals and projections. Billy is the best!!!
Anthony Myles
Anthony Myles
I used Geauxto Group to revamp the website for my business and they made it stand out in ways I couldn't even imagine. We've had a 300% increase in web traffic and inquires. I highly recommend using them for all of your marketing needs.

"Beyond Boundaries: A Symphony of Service, Unity, Purpose, Innovation, and Imagination in Marketing Excellence"

Exemplary service is the foundation of thriving partnerships and impactful campaigns at our core. Our dedicated team is unwavering in their commitment to comprehending and fulfilling our client’s distinct needs. Beyond traditional practices, we forge enduring relationships, steering toward unparalleled results with a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Collaborative excellence is our hallmark, achieved through a collective commitment to teamwork. Our inclusive culture capitalizes on the unique strengths of our diverse talents, fostering innovation and fortifying our dedication to clients. Through seamless collaboration, we enhance effectiveness, ensuring that we surpass expectations and achieve greatness.

Our purpose is not just a statement; it’s a daily embodiment seamlessly woven into our activities aligned with strategic goals. Mutual support and a shared sense of responsibility cultivate a positive impact on all those associated with Geauxto Group. As we propel forward, our purpose serves as a guiding force, shaping meaningful interactions and sustaining a purpose-driven journey.

Embrace the future of marketing with a team deeply rooted in innovation. We don’t merely chase trends; we pioneer them. Our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries ensures your brand maintains a leading edge in an ever-evolving landscape. Allow us to redefine possibilities and infuse a fresh perspective into your marketing strategy, setting your brand apart in the dynamic marketplace.

Imagination is the driving force behind our innovative approach, celebrated as the spark that ignites possibilities. Cultivating a culture that fosters creative thinking and imaginative solutions, we transcend conventional limits. By tapping into boundless realms of imagination, our team introduces fresh perspectives that breathe life into each campaign. Imagination is the key to unlocking the full potential of your brand’s narrative, ensuring each strategy is compelling and uniquely memorable.