Meet Our Team

CEO / Founder

Billy Ferguson - CEO

I have been fascinated with magic for as long as I can remember. I would see a magician perform and be swept into a world of imagination where anything is possible. Every illusion told a story, from a vanishing elephant to a levitating cane, and the sense of awe was unforgettable. It is truly the most creative and entertaining of all the performance arts.

For the first part of my young professional life, I was a magician performing in top venues in Las Vegas for ten years. There, I discovered how magic and marketing are connected in three main ways:

  1. Each tells a story.
  2. When done correctly, the message is unforgettable.
  3. They both can drive a particular emotion that inspires people to talk and act.

With that knowledge and years of dedicated marketing and digital technology studies, I have achieved unbelievable milestones and memories with each of my clients. I am blessed to be the CEO of Geauxto Group and work alongside some of the most talented people who believe in our company’s core values and are also the best in their fields! We truly are stronger and better as a team! So, if you want your business to grow, you know where to go! 

Executive Assistant / Project Manager

Tara Aguilar - Project Manager

As a young girl, I idolized my single mother, watching her transition from an assistant to a part owner in her local construction company. She worked incredibly hard, teaching me independence and genuine care for others. Since then, I knew I wanted to emulate her. I started right out of college with an 8-month-old, entering the world of marketing, knowing it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Hurricane Katrina happened, more children came, and life changed. I fulfilled my ultimate dream job – being a full-time mom to my kids for their entire lives. Excited to be a part of Geauxto Group, I look forward to restarting my life in a career I love. Now, with Geauxto Group, I eagerly anticipate blending my professional aspirations with the joy of watching my older children thrive, creating a fulfilling life that mirrors the inspiration I found in my mother’s journey.

Web Developer

Omar Hajji - Web Developer

The Web Developer and SEO maestro at Geauxto Group. My love for building fantastic websites took root early on, and now I’m living the dream. I specialize in turning digital ideas into reality, ensuring websites not only look sharp but perform exceptionally.
But that’s not all – I’ve got a bag of SEO tricks up my sleeve to supercharge our client’s online visibility. In my time here, I’ve made sure our websites not only meet expectations but go above and beyond. Always keeping an eye on the latest trends, I’m excited to keep pushing the boundaries in web development and SEO.
Let’s collaborate on digital solutions that leave a lasting impression!


Kevin Jones - Videographer

Seasoned Cinematographer Kevin Jones discovered his passion for videography at a young age. With a diverse portfolio encompassing High End Fashion to Documentaries, Kevin brings a wealth of experience to his craft. Devoted to delivering top-notch work, he collaborates closely with clients to ensure their vision is impeccably captured. Beyond technical prowess, Kevin’s personable and charismatic approach shines in every interaction. His tireless work ethic is evident as he meticulously perfects each project, showcasing a commitment to excellence.

Content Writer

Fatine Fassi - Content Writer

In my role as an SEO Content Writer at Geauxto Group, my primary focus is on developing SEO-optimized content that engages and informs our audience. This involves researching and integrating key search terms, ensuring our content ranks well on search engines while delivering valuable insights to our readers. My mission is to ensure customer satisfaction through every written piece.

Adwords Expert

LC Rao - Adwords Expert

LC Rao possesses exceptional Google AdWords management and strategy skills, honed through extensive experience working directly for Google AdWords contractors. With a keen understanding of the platform’s intricacies, LC has consistently delivered outstanding results in optimizing campaigns and maximizing ROI. Now a valuable asset at GeauxTo Group, LC brings unparalleled expertise to drive success in digital advertising campaigns.